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Olivia Carter


Height: 5'6"


The Seagull                                                      Nina                                     UC Irvine/ Summer Session
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof                                       Maggie                                UC Irvine

The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life            One Woman Show              UC Irvine/ Eli Simon 
She Kills Monsters                                            Vera                                    UC Irvine/ Beth Lopes
All We Ever Wanted Was Everything               Wren                                    UC Irvine/ Eli Simon
The Tempest                                                    Juno                                     Wheaton College Arena Theater/ Mark Lewis

Face to Facebook                                            Smartphone                         The Arc Theater/ Matt Super

Much Ado About Nothing                                 Hero                                    Wheaton College Arena Theater/ Mark Lewis

Julius Caesar                                                   Marc Anthony                      Wheaton College Arena Theater/ Mark Lewis

Caucasian Chalk Circle                                   Grusha                                Wheaton College Arena Theater/ Michael Stauffer

Eurydice                                                           Eurydice                              Inglenook Theater Project/ Lizzy May

Who Am I This Time?                                      Kate                                     Wheaton College Arena Theater/ Andy Mangin

Romeo and Juliet                                            Juliet                                    Wheaton College Arena Theater/ Andy Mangin



MFA in Acting  2022, University of California, Irvine 

B.A. in Communications and Theater, 2016, Wheaton College, IL

Green Shirt Studio - Accelerated Meisner Program 

Pig Iron Theater Summer Session- Work Study Scholarship 

ACTING: Andrew Borba, Richard Brestoff, Eli Simon, Mark Lewis, Jeffrey Carlson, Andrew Gallant, Andy Mangin

MOVEMENT & DANCE: Annie Loui, Martin Katz, Zachary Price, Brandy Lee, Tor Campbell, Allison Eversoll.Sarah Sandford

VOICE & SPEECH: Phill Thompson, Cynthia Bassham. Sarah Holman, Jenn Cribbs, Patricia Maurceri, Susie Sommerville

EUROPEAN RED NOSE CLOWN: Felicia Bertch, Chad Hauge, Quinn Bauriedel

CHARACTER MASK: Aaron Cromie, Aram Aghazarian



Singing: classical, jazz, musical theater; Amateur tumbling; Dance and Movement Skills; Contact Improv; Music: beginner piano, cello; Professional baking; Professional Bartender; Roller Skating. 

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