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We have an investment in preparing all of our MFA students to teach our work at a high level of expertise. In turn, the experience of teaching acting to others often has a catalytic effect. Our students find that growing experiential knowledge of the acting process is converted into a more reliably accessible body of knowledge through teaching it to others.


We think of the profession of acting as one that involves constantly work towards artistic advancement. Being put in the position of helping someone else to grasp the fundamental principles is an essential part of that process.


(A,B & c)

 Acting MFA actors teach our introductory undergraduate acting course, Drama 30. This is a year-long sequence that takes beginning students through a series of foundational and skill-building experiences in acting.


Movement A studio course in fundamentals of stretch, strength, and alignment; exploring spatial awareness and physical control through mime isolations, techniques, and related improvisation


Voice and Speech A studio course in fundamentals of voice and speech, first addressing breath as the source of voice, drawing primarily from Fitzmaurice Voicework. The course also lays the groundwork for an understanding of anatomy and articulatory performance skills.   


 Music Theatre Workshop Undergraduates in the BFA program in Music Theatre take this course to learn basic vocal technique and characterization of musical theatre repertoire. 

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